Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hello and welcome.... over here! , can you see me ?

This might be the most unusual establishing shot for an AFL Broadcast ever.

Yes, that is Dwayne Russell (on the right), standing on top of the Fremantle Grand Stand, next to a giant anchor, introducing the FOX Sports 1 broadcast of Fremantle vs Melbourne.

Why was he broadcasting his introduction from the roof- I still don't know. His introduction lasted around 30 seconds.

Join in the chorus ?

The Channel 9 Footy Show had an unique interview take place today (20 July 2008).

North Melbourne's DREW PETRIE was a schedule guest on the show; but unfortunately, was suffering from an illness- whereby he was losing his voice.

What took place was an attempt to review the Nth Melb vs Colingwood match , with Brian Taylor asking DREW questions, of which he could only answer a few words.

Taylor admitted on air it was the most peculiar review he had ever done on TV, and Danny Frawley later said that DREW sounded like Gus Mercurio.

It was becoming such a difficult interview, that Tony Jones got DREW to write 'YES' 'NO' and "SORRY' on pieces of paper, which he could hold up , in response to questions asked.